Daniel - daniel-vaulot
A biological oceanographer by profession, I live in Brittany and got my first SLR camera in 1972...

I travelled through India in 1973 when I was 19 and never stopped since then : Nepal and Sri Lanka, China, Ireland, Indonesia, US, Vietnam, Morocco, Mauritania, Thailand, Chile, Iceland and the Feroe, Japan, Malaysia, the Canadian Arctic, Sardinia, Mexico and several europeans countries.

Cameras I have owned : Canon (only...) FT QL, 650, 10, 50, 350D, 400D, 450D, 700D, A80 and S95. Lenses (Canon again) : 100 mm 2.8 Macro, 10-22 mm EF, 60 mm EF macro and Tokina 10-17 mm for underwater. Underwater housings: Ikelite. Underwater strobes :Ikelite D-160 strobes, Inon S-2000.

Other sites where you can see my pictures :
* Flickr
* Tropical marine species
* Brittany marine species
* DORIS, the best web guide marine species

You may purchase prints for all pictures displayed here or obtain rights.

My pictures are also available for purchase on Dreamstime

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